Close Brothers Premium Finance

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centralised document composition saves close brothers premium finance £270k



Close Brothers wanted to investigate how maximum efficiencies and cost savings could be delivered through

  • Centralised document composition
    • Access to best postage tariffs
    • Increased automation
  • The scope consisted of 247 different letter templates, over 40 letterheads and producing 6 million letters a year. CBPF’s requirement was simple in brief, but highly complex to deliver.


  • Fully automated Transactional Workflow delivers secure and efficient communications
  • Industry leading document composition delivered through Quadient expertise
  • Data-driven Information re-design following audit of collateral and call centre data
  • Postage savings consultancy


  • Annual saving of c£270K from information design
  • Inbound calls to contact centre reduced by 9%
  • Letter and processing costs of sending out new credit agreements have been reduced by 7%
  • 30%+ postage savings
  • Removal of pre-printed stock costs from whitepaper solution

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