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Whether you’re in financial and insurance services, telecommunications or utilities, you are obligated to keep customers informed of transactions or regulatory changes.

And the frequency of these communications is only going one way!

Gone are the days of boring line item bills and black and white statements, communications are changing. And fast! Across multi-channels, with increasing customer expectations and ever evolving regulatory remands. If you’re not moving forward, you’re standing still.


The issues.

As we see it, you’re effectively facing a twofold challenge; balancing the need to improve your CX while also migrating towards a more digital transformation.

Customer expectations are massive these days, they want easy to understand communications, and if you’re asking them to settle bills they want to see some empathy.

But mailing them costs money. Historically, print and mail services have been the heavy hitters of transactional and regulatory volumes.

It’s definitely more cost effective and agile for you to incorporate more digital in your highly critical communications with your customers but is it what they want?

Respecting customers’ preference of channel and sending content that’s clearly understood drive loyalty. No good winning them if you can’t keep them. Service and loyalty are paramount to success.

How we help.

We have over a decade of experience in delivering transactional and regulatory communications and recognise the economic and process-driven advantages and challenges of embracing digital transformation but without alienating your customers. We have propositions that can help with both goals.

We can facilitate your marketing and service communications via our market-leading integrated platforms as a BAU model. As a marketing performance partner, we can also facilitate, and rather uniquely, drive your transformation in line with your business objectives. This could be anything from cost-savings to digital adoption, increasing debt recovery rates to customer acquisition and retention through loyalty schemes.

We understand the challenges you face when it comes to migrating towards digital, and many of you are hampered by legacy infrastructures, but we can help.

In the past, transactional and regulatory was more of a black box solution where you inputted data and got management information (MI) out at the end of the month. But that’s no longer enough, more of you want to be able to self serve, to look at real time MI online, do composition template changes and execute ad hoc campaigns without going through account management. All of this is achievable with us.

We have the market-leading integrated platform, we make no concessions on security and we offer agile, best in breed, omnichannel customer communication solutions.

This service line has historically been quite rigid, slow and expensive for you to turn to because of the people time required. But it’s not just our solutions that are agile, our people work with agile principles too! We work collectively, across project management methodology, involving our CTO, where necessary in innovation sessions. We get under the skin of what’s happening in your industry and bespoke solutions round that.

Thanks a million! 40m communications per annum for one telco operator, including composition and execution of operational, transactional and marketing communications, alongside data services and QR code usage that delivered +20% engagement.

The focus has to be enabling your customers to be communicated with in their channel of choice, be it paper statements or marketing email, to give them chance to digest and interact with the information you’ve sent them as best they can. By enhancing their experience you increase the likelihood of them responding, and who doesn’t want that?

A woman sitting at a computer with the words insure4 retirement providing financial services.

When our customer communication lands in the homes and hands of our customers, it is a tangible representation of the service we offer – it’s therefore paramount that any communication is attractive, concise and encourages the right action.

From start to finish the team at Go Inspire were brilliant, quickly demonstrating their expertise, not only suggesting a collection of great concepts for us to choose from, but also proposing a number of ways we could save money and improve efficiencies. The new visual identity was rolled out within deadline, and we’ve had great feedback from our customers.

Tommy Davies, Marketing, Insure 4 Retirement


Loyalty boils down to the service you provide. We can help you communicate both proactively and reactively, securely and compliantly.

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